Lumber Prices INCREASING AGAIN in Mid 2021! Higher Lumber Prices Ahead

It seems impossible that lumber prices can go up more, but I have bad news. Lumber prices are going to get even more expensive very soon! I think we will see another price increase by May 2021 and likely even later in the year. If you are expecting wood prices to come back down soon? Don’t hold your breath. The data does not support a lumber price collapse anytime soon. In fact new data shows the prices will stay high for a while! Making woodworking projects to sell will be getting even more expensive. I’ll discuss some options that may help offset the cost. I’ll explain in this video!

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Lumber Futures
1:42 Why are Lumber Prices Increasing
4:30 Home Depot and Lowe’s Increased 2020 Revenue
6:03 When Will the Price of Lumber Go Down
7:34 Save Money While Woodworking
9:02 Keeping an Eye On Future Lumber Prices
9:50 How To Deal with High Lumber Prices
10:42 Helpful Lumber Pricing Information

My information came from multiple sources on this video. I read a lot and watched a lot of industry news. All of this information is easily found by searching the internet.

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